Dear listener,


‘What could I possibly have to say for myself?’ is the question I have repeatedly asked while thinking about how to speak about this piece. Moonchild is about a lot of things. It’s about friendship, desire, anger, and jealousy. It’s about working retail. It’s about being a queer and inhabiting a female body. It’s about magic. It’s about addiction. It’s about toxic relationships with others and oneself. It's about the cycle of abuse. It's also about living in a small town in Indiana.


Moonchild is just a lot. Period. I wrote the bulk of it during the thick of quarantine, and at the time, I felt the urge to travel to the darkest corners of my mind. This play is a primal shout into a dismal world. 


Moonchild isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, it’s not even for me, but it speaks to a version of me, a version of myself looking for extreme catharsis. Moonchild encompasses both my angriest and tenderest parts. 


When I picture Moonchild at its core, I see six eels squirming in a tank filled with three inches of water, hissing and gasping for breath, chomping each other’s tails, blood swirling with water as they flop about in a slimy green knot. I think that’s what Moonchild is really about.   


At times, I worry I’ve gone too far with this play, that what I’ve written is too horrific or problematic or disturbing to see the light of day, that what I’ve written is so upsetting, it will hurt people. While writing Moochild, I was so concerned with causality, artistic experimentation, and other aesthetic questions, that I didn’t stop to consider the moral implications of my work, that what I was writing was morally sound, whether it was right. I’m still not sure if the creation of Moonchild was right. I strongly advise every listener to regard the content warning before proceeding. 


This is my first full length play to be produced, and I am tentatively excited to share it with you all. I’ve learned so much from this workshop and production process about my writing; I certainly understand the power of words now.


I want to offer tremendous thanks to my cast and crew who worked tirelessly on this project! I also want to thank my lovely family and friends who let me get away with writing such smut. I apologize to everyone in advance.



Hannah Keeler 


Playwright: Hannah Keeler

Director: Kate Schnetzer 

Assistant Director: Garrett Rowe 

Stage Manager: William Arenz

Assistant Stage Manager: Alanna Galbraith

Sound Designers: Sydney Master and Valeriya Nedviga


Anna Lagrange  as Josie

Sophia Salesky  as XXX

Elijah Sabourin as Levi

Tallon Wynne as Manager/Man/Devil


*** Warning, Moonchild contains the following topics: Self Harm, Sexual Assault, Verbal and Physical Abuse, Descriptions of Pornography, Drug Abuse, Murder and Gratuitous Violence, Pregnancy and Childbirth, and Child Endangerment***