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When you wish upon a Star..."

Come Spread some Disney Magic at University Player's Once Upon A Cabaret! October 22nd at 1PM in the Courtyard of the Lee Norvelle Theatre Building. 

Submissions for a performance slot close October 2nd at 5PM! This is a fun and exciting opportunity to sing your favorite Disney Song with a LIVE Band! *Spots are Limited*


*If you are interested in being a part of the band for this cabaret, please email our Music Supervisor, Devin McDuffy at, as soon as possible*

Pre-screen Requirements:

Please submit a 16-32 bar cut of you performing the song you plan on performing. Sheet Music must be provided!

Cherries. Bows. Lace. Lollipops. Heart-shaped glasses. These images, taken together, mean something. At the end of a college honors seminar on tragedy, Greek and modern, 22-year-old Mara presents to the class on what is, to them, the great American tragedy of the past century: Nabokov’s 1955 novel Lolita, its role in the development of these “coquette” symbols, and the cultural massacre on girlhood that has plagued entire generations since its release. Meanwhile, worlds away, 15-year-old Cecilia has given her new beau Gabriel a gift: a paperback edition of the very same book. When Gabriel begins to study the seminal text, he confronts sordid truths, harrowingly incarnated through Cecilia’s muddy modes of reconciling her unnamable pain. As Mara warns us of Lolita’s cascading consequences and Cecilia bears their weight, Mara’s classmates are full of questions, genuine and baiting alike. By the time we confront our cherries, bows, lace, lollipops and heart-shaped glasses face-to-face, one hopes that despite all propriety, we just might get it. Lolita Play is a probing examination of 21st-century girlhood— what makes it beautiful, what makes it dangerous, and what makes it unbearable.*

*Content warning: this play contains material concerning sexual assault, child sex abuse and pedophilia, masochism, gender dysphoria, eating disorders and suicidal ideation.


  • Mara, 22, nonbinary

  • Cecilia, 15 & 22, F

  • Gabriel, 17, M

  • Prof. Beaufoy/Mr. Wright/Humbert Humbert, 40s-50s, M

  • Student 1/Livvy, teens-20s, F

  • Student 2/Johnny, teens-20s, M

  • Student 3, teens-20s, F

  • Student 4, teens-20s, M

(Please note: all gender identifications listed belong to the characters as written and are not rigid identifiers for the actors themselves. Actors of all gender identities and presentations are encouraged to audition for any role that they feel comfortable representing on stage.)

Audition Materials:

Please submit 1. A contemporary monologue of your choice (60-90 seconds); 2. An OPTIONAL video of 90 seconds or shorter detailing any familiarity you may have with the Lolita cultural universe and associated symbols, in as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable sharing. You may also take this space to speak about your relationship to gender, girlhood and associated topics in any manner you feel might be helpful to us in the casting process— this can be a devised piece, a poem, or just a chat.

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