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Audition Requirements:

For your audition submission, please prepare and submit an 1 minute Comedic Contemporary Monologue.

Submissions will be accepted from Wednesday, January 10th at 2PM - Monday, January 22nd at 5PM. Callbacks will be held in person on Wednesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 25th. Rehearsals Begin Monday, January 29th. Performances will be March 1sth at 7:30PM & 11PM and March 2nd at 7:30PM.


Jenny is a young violinist pleased with her life except for when it comes to men. Having spent 3,345 nights alone of a possible 3,356 since puberty, she approaches scientifically the question "Why not me?" The play chronicles her pursuit of a brooding bass player she mistakenly assumes is Mr. Right.

Character Breakdown:

Jenny (F) -The perpetually single violinist in her seemingly hopeless search for love *requires intimacy

Polly and others (F) - The other violin player, cares for the good of the group

Sean and others (M) -The down to earth reliable guy, also in the band

Mailman and others (M/F) -The faithful mailman who slowly falls in love with Jenny

Amy and others (F)-The trumpet player with an extensive knowledge on relationships

Crystal and others (F) -The ditzy piccolo player who is the punching bag of Jenny’s jealousy

Mr Michaels and others (M) -The clueless and careless director who would rather be anywhere but rehearsal

Joe and others (M) -The chill and reserved bass player who catches Jenny’s eye. *requires intimacy

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