Ana Mercado (she/her)

Assistant Technical Director

Ana is a sophomore majoring in Cinema and Media Arts, minoring in Theater. When she’s not writing or working on her next project, she’s either at Boy in the Bubble rehearsal, watching SNL, or sleeping.


Jacob Jackson (he/him)

Music Director

Jacob is a sophomore pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. When not doing MT, he can be found playing soccer, eating French fries, or watching the bachelorette.


Jorie Miller (she/her)

Production Manager

This is Jorie’s third year in UP Leadership. Jorie rarely has any spare time, however on occasion gets the opportunity to distastefully scroll through TikTok, meal prep to avoid starvation, and she even does some crocheting on the side!


Katelyn Connor (she/her)

Director of Choreography & Movement

Katelyn (she/her) is a senior studying Media Advertising, Dance, and Arts Management. Hobbies include: accumulating books faster than she can read them, drinking iced chai lattes, practicing hot yoga, sewing clothing, and collecting house plants (27 and counting).


Olivia Sarvello (she/her)

Assistant choreographer of movement and choreography & house manager

Olivia Sarvello is a junior at Indiana University earning her BFA in contemporary dance with a minor in business. She is a member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, University Players, and Movement Cooperative. My favorite activities include playing tennis, biking, or attending cycling classes in my free time.


Sydney Greene (she/her)

Co-Social and Membership Director

Sydney is a third year BFA Musical Theatre major and Arts Management minor. When she is not on stage, Sydney can be found watching The Bachelor, listening to country music, and working out at Pure Barre.


Caroline Santiago Turner (she/her)

Director of Development

Caroline is a senior pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre and a minor in Arts Management. Outside of the rehearsal room, Caroline loves trying new restaurants around town, listening to podcasts, and enjoying nights in with the girls.


Jessica O' Brian (she/her)

Director of Marketing and Communications

Jessica is a senior BA in English, Theatre & Drama, and Spanish. She has a passion for telling stories through theatre, writing, and marketing. She is also an avid fan of Marvel, Star Wars, and Jane Austen.


Kabir Gandhi (he/him)

Managing Director

Kabir is pursuing his BFA in Musical Theatre. If he has free time, you will most definitely find him snuggled up in his bed binge-watching Bon Appétit cooking videos on YouTube.


Matthew Baker (he/him)

Financial Director

Matthew is a Sophmore BFA Musical Theater Major with a minor in Arts Management. He is from La Cañada California and you can find him binge watching Netflix and crafting Spotify playlists


River Epperson (he/him)

Director of Dramaturgy

River is a sophomore BA in Theatre & Drama and pursuing minors in Film Production and Arts Management. When he isn’t in rehearsal, he can be found eating snacks, compulsively tweeting, and/or posting controversial letterboxd reviews.


Zoë Swisher (she/her)

Assistant Production Manager

When she is not on stage, Zoë can be found rewatching the Office, eating good food with good friends or drinking her third coffee of the day. This is her first year on the Board of Directors and is beyond thrilled to be worked with some crazy talented people.


Gabby Kauffman (she/her)

Director of Graphic Design and Website Manager

Gabby Kauffman is in her senior year, double majoring in Theatre and Drama (BA), and Media Advertisement (Graphic Design). When she is not at rehearsals, you will find her hanging with friends, eating a McDonalds 10 piece nugget meal with fries and a coke, having a movie marathon, or taking a nap.


Jolie Rubinchik (she/her)

Literary Director

Jolie is a senior studying Theatre & Drama and Arts Management. In her free time you can find her drinking cold brew, reading a good book, or taking a walk around campus at 2am with her roommate.


Kate Glaser (she/her)

Artistic Director

Kate is a junior BFA Musical Theatre student with a minor in arts management. This is her second year serving on the UP Board and her first year in the role of Artistic Director. In her free time, she loves to cook, workout, and do aerial circus acts.


Nicolette Julien (she/her)

Co-Social and Membership Director

Nicolette is a junior pursuing a BA in Theatre and a minor in Film Production. Her passions include The Bachelor franchise, Disneyland, and The Village Special from Village Deli.


Spencer Lawson (he/him)

Technical Director

Spencer Lawson is a Senior Theatre BA with a Law and Public Policy minor. When not writing or directing, Spencer enjoys listening to Lover by Taylor Swift, re-watching Luca, or playing Pokémon with friends.

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Board Of Directors