Ben Dow

Co-Director of Marketing, Communications, and Media Design

Ben is pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre. His passions include Super Smash Bros and correctly pronouncing Michael Bublé's last name.


Jolie Rubinchik

Literary Director

Jolie loves making tik toks, watching the real housewives, and drinking fountain diet cokes.


Kabir Gandhi

Financial Director

Kabir is pursuing his BFA in Musical Theatre. If he has free time, you will most definitely find him snuggled up in his bed binge-watching Bon Appétit cooking videos on YouTube.


Natalie Stahl

Assistant Production Manager

Natalie is a BFA musical theatre major. When in doubt, you can probably find her at Soma binge-watching a mediocre original Netflix series.


Victoria Wiley

Managing Director

Victoria loves what she does and takes grate value in understanding the importance of hard work, well earned rest and a good cup of coffee.


Carly Liegel

Director of Choreography and Movement

(Insert cringe-worthy quote about why dance is life). Loves coffee, n(e)ature, the Great British Baking Show, musicals, peanut butter, yoga, and favorite color to wear is green and/or pink while favorite color to look at is purple.


Jorie Miller

Production Manager

This is Jorie’s second year in UP Leadership. Jorie rarely has any spare time, however on occasion gets the opportunity to distastefully scroll through TikTok, meal prep to avoid starvation, and she even does some crocheting on the side!


Kate Glaser

Assistant Technical Director

Kate is a sophomore BFA Musical Theatre student. She also enjoys studying French, aerial silks, and she constantly has a cup of coffee in her hand.


Nicolette Julien

Social & Membership Director

Nicolette is a freshman majoring in Theatre and Media. In her free time Nicolette enjoys making tik toks, eating sushi and complaining about the weather.


Zoë Swisher

Director of Development

When she is not on stage, Zoë can be found rewatching the Office, eating good food with good friends or drinking her third coffee of the day. This is her first year on the Board of Directors and is beyond thrilled to be worked with some crazy talented people.


Gabby Kauffman

Co-Director of Marketing, Communications, and Media Design

Gabby is a sophomore BA in Theatre & Drama, double majoring it with Media Advertisement Creative. When she is not at rehearsals, you will find her eating a McDonalds 10 piece nugget meal with fries and a coke, having a movie marathon, or taking a nap.


Justin Smusz

Music Director

Justin is a BFA Musical Theatre Major. When he's not music directing or designing websites, he is sleeping.


Kyle Mason

Artistic Director

Kyle is a junior in the BFA Musical Theatre program. His interests include iced coffee, watching Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé on Netflix, and the smell of apples.


Spencer Lawson

Technical Director

Spencer is a Junior BA Theatre major. His interests include stargazing, all things cheese, Survivor, and attempting to catch all 890 Pokemon.