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Board Member Application


For what position are you applying? You can see position responsibilities here.


Are you interested in any other positions? If so, please list them below.


What prior experience do you have with University Players and how has it impacted your experience at IU?


If you are reapplying for the same position: What is your proudest accomplishment as a director on the UP Board?  What is something you wish you would have done differently in the past?

If you are new to the Board: Tell us about your interest in this position.  Why do you want to apply for the position, and what makes you a qualified candidate?

If you have been on the Board previously but are applying for a new position: Tell us about your interest in this position, why it is a better fit for your skills, your proudest accomplishment as a Board director, and something you wish you would have done differently in your UP past.


Tell us about your leadership, volunteering, or professional experiences outside of the theatre.  What skills did you acquire that you think would be helpful to UP?


What kind of team member are you? Please describe your strengths as a leader and areas you want to improve.


What changes would you like to see UP make in the following year?  What would you do, in your position, to implement those changes?


Being a member of the University Players' Board of Directors is a weekly responsibility. Where would UP fall among your priorities? Please describe all other time commitments you anticipate for the next school year. 


Why is student theatre important to you?

Interviews will be held February 23rd -24th. Please list your availability.


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