Board Member Positions

Board of Directors Position Responsibilities

Please note: These positions are subject to change during the application process.

All Board Members are expected to:

  • Operate concessions for Department Mainstage shows

  • Attend build days for UP shows

  • Attend tech week rehearsals for all UP shows

  • House manage for UP shows

  • Attend weekly Board Meetings

Assistant Production Manager

  • Assists in scheduling meetings 

  • Will be responsible for updating agendas throughout production and board meetings 

  • Assists in monitoring build days, tech rehearsals, load-in’s, and rehearsal processes 

  • Assists in space reservations 

  • Assists in summer planning 

  • Assists in creating the season master calendar

  • Responsible for distributing and collecting artist, crew, and designer contracts

  • Responsible for creating audition sign ups and information 

  • Overall responsibility is to relieve some of the work that is given to the Production Manager. Sometimes things come up and having two people who are able to do the job is better than one

Financial Director

  • Works closely with Managing Director and Production Manager to create and approve budgets for the seasons

  • Serves as the liaison between UP and SOA to manage and allocate funds (along with the Managing Director)

  • Attends the SOA training session at the beginning of the school year in order to re-register UP as a student organization.

  • Communicates funding and reimbursement with the production teams with the assistance of the Managing Director.

  • Directs reimbursement with the assistance of the Managing Director and the oversight of the Production Manager.

  • Handles money orders, reimbursements, and deposits into our SOA account.


Director of Development

  • Seeks outside grant opportunities.

  • Creatively designs and pursues fundraising opportunities.  Past examples include the Halloween pumpkin sale, the yard sale of UP props and costumes, and most recently the UP/Union Board production of The Rocky Horror Show.

  • Oversees financial matters for the collaborative production with Union Board and any other fundraising pursuits undertaken.

  • Aids the Managing Director in applications to IUSA Funding Board.

  • Seeks ways to make University Players more sustainable, both financially and ecologically.


Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Collaborates with the Artistic Director to ensure that the season’s vision is cohesively implemented in marketing and social media.

  • Conceives all media marketing strategies and collaborates with the Director of Media Design to produce media marketing 

  • Creatively designs and implements unique advertising projects, such as flash mobs, singing telegrams, dine-ins, and other attention-calling advertising techniques.

  • Establishes and implements a logistical plan for the distribution of UP marketing.

  • Creatively communicates with UP members via social media.  Must demonstrate proficiency and artistic vision with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

  • Serves as a liaison between University Players and the IDS.

  • Reaches out to other student and community organizations to provide University Players with a strong Bloomington network.

  • Leads UP’s collaboration with WIUX, Union Board, the Bloomington Playwrights Project, and all other community organizations.

  • Collaborates with the Marketing Director to creatively brainstorm methods of drawing in students from outside of the theatre department.

  • Prints and distributes posters for each UP production


Literary Director

  • Represents University Players in communication with rights organizations.

  • Acquires rights, royalties, scripts, and librettos for each production.  This process can be tedious and requires a lot of personal initiative and organization.

  • Conducts literary oversight of all productions.

  • Clarifies issues of historical accuracy and dialogue as dramaturg of UP productions.

Technical Director

  • Attends production meetings and communicates matters regarding material acquisition and construction logistics with the production teams, the Board of Directors, and the theatre department.

  • Oversees the load-in, construction, and strike of all productions alongside the Production Manager.

  • Develops detailed plans for all technical work days.

  • Clearly delegates tasks to all workers present in order to efficiently use people’s time and have the set constructed and struck in a timely fashion.

  • Oversees the secure storage of all UP property.

  • Takes inventory of UP assets and coordinates with production teams to maximize usage of resources.

  • Demonstrates strong presence at production meetings, load-in, construction, and strike.

  • Provides creative and technical guidance to all designers.

  • Provides oversight to the design teams in creation of budgets

  • Must have strong technical knowledge

  • Ability to be at all tech rehearsals strongly recommended

  • If applying for this position you are also in consideration for assistant technical director 


Social and Membership Director

  • Oversees the membership database and coordinates with the Communications Director to maintain positive contact with UP members.

  • Creates and sends monthly UP mass emails.

  • Distributes concessions stand sign up to members

  • Organizes UP member meetings.

  • Collaboratively designs and orders UP tank tops with Director of Media Design in conjunction with new member registration.

  • Oversees distribution of UP tanks.

  • Facilitates social events for members, production teams, and the Board of Directors.

  • Organizes regular social events for members, such as scavenger hunts, movie nights, galas, pancake breakfasts, cabarets, dine and donates, and other recreational events.

  • Serves as point person for member questions, suggestions, and concerns.

  • Functions as a social liaison to the student body in order to increase cultural diversity among UP productions and membership.


House Manager

  • Directs or delegates house management for all UP productions.

  • Responsible for printing and preparing programs for each UP production

  • Collaborates with Stage Management to prepare any warning signs for Front of House, dependent on the production (i.e., strobe warning, strong language, etc.)

  • Manages concessions for UP and department shows.  Accountable for budgeting concessions and ensuring that the funds raised are securely deposited with our Student Organization Account.

  • Conducts the acquisition of concessions for sale and is accountable for the organization’s Sam’s Club account.  It is advisable that the House Manager can provide his/her own transportation.


Director of Graphic & Media Design + Website Manager

  • Produces print design for UP season, including but not limited to: posters, programs, audition notices, social media content, Facebook cover photos, Snapchat filters, etc.

  • Takes rehearsal and production photos at a photo call for each UP production to be shared to Facebook and provided to designers for portfolio content

  • Creates promotional videos in collaboration with directors for each production of the season, to be shared to Facebook 

  • Collaborates with Director of Marketing and Communications to have media content prepared to be shared on social media and posters printed

  • Collaborates with Social and Membership Director to design the season’s tanks 

  • Meets with director for each show to discuss vision to be conveyed in print media

  • Must have knowledge of Graphic Design and digital editing

  • Access to cameras/filming equipment/editing software required 

  • Must be comfortable with making edits to the UP Website (managed via Wix). You will be trained on this.

Music Director

  • Finds a music director for UP musicals and song cycles or serves as music director if another music director cannot be secured

  • Secures rehearsal pianist when needed

  • Assembles a band for musicals and song cycles as necessary

  • Advises directors when music input is needed


Director of Choreography and Movement

  • Recruit choreographers for UP productions, if requested by the director, and put the choreographer and director into contact. Expected to step in if a choreographer cannot be secured

  • Actively try to engage and bring more dancers into UP and bridge the department gap between theatre and dance

  • Serve as director of the Annual Dance Collaboration

  • Manage the application process for choreographers

  • Plan and hold an audition for dancers

  • Lead choreographer and production meetings

  • Create and enforce deadlines for choreographers

  • Work out all logistics and run tech week and the show


  • Responsible for finding dramaturgs for the season shows

  • Oversees dramaturgs through their process

  • Often time works as a dramaturg for shows