Board Member Positions

Board of Directors Position Responsibilities

Please note: These positions are subject to change during the application process.

All Board Members are expected to:

  • Operate concessions for Department Mainstage shows

  • Attend build days for UP shows

  • Attend tech week rehearsals for all UP shows

  • House manage for UP shows

  • Attend weekly Board Meetings


Financial Director

  • Works closely with Managing Director and Production Manager to create and approve budgets for the seasons

  • Serves as the liaison between UP and SOA to manage and allocate funds (along with the Managing Director)

  • Attends the SOA training session at the beginning of the school year in order to re-register UP as a student organization.

  • Communicates funding and reimbursement with the production teams with the assistance of the Managing Director.

  • Directs reimbursement with the assistance of the Managing Director and the oversight of the Production Manager.

  • Handles money orders, reimbursements, and deposits into our SOA account.


Director of Development

  • Seeks outside grant opportunities.

  • Creatively designs and pursues fundraising opportunities.  Past examples include the Halloween pumpkin sale, the yard sale of UP props and costumes, and most recently the UP/Union Board production of The Rocky Horror Show.

  • Oversees financial matters for the collaborative production with Union Board and any other fundraising pursuits undertaken.

  • Aids the Managing Director in applications to IUSA Funding Board.

  • Seeks ways to make University Players more sustainable, both financially and ecologically.


Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Collaborates with the Artistic Director to ensure that the season’s vision is cohesively implemented in marketing and social media.

  • Conceives all media marketing strategies and collaborates with the Director of Media Design to produce media marketing 

  • Creatively designs and implements unique advertising projects, such as flash mobs, singing telegrams, dine-ins, and other attention-calling advertising techniques.

  • Establishes and implements a logistical plan for the distribution of UP marketing.

  • Creatively communicates with UP members via social media.  Must demonstrate proficiency and artistic vision with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

  • Serves as a liaison between University Players and the IDS.

  • Reaches out to other student and community organizations to provide University Players with a strong Bloomington network.

  • Leads UP’s collaboration with WIUX, Union Board, the Bloomington Playwrights Project, and all other community organizations.

  • Collaborates with the Marketing Director to creatively brainstorm methods of drawing in students from outside of the theatre department.

  • Prints and distributes posters for each UP production


Literary Director

  • Represents University Players in communication with rights organizations.

  • Acquires rights, royalties, scripts, and librettos for each production.  This process can be tedious and requires a lot of personal initiative and organization.

  • Conducts literary oversight of all productions.

  • Clarifies issues of historical accuracy and dialogue as dramaturg of UP productions.

  • Aids Production Manager in finding a dramaturg for UP productions


Technical Director

  • Attends production meetings and communicates matters regarding material acquisition and construction logistics with the production teams, the Board of Directors, and the theatre department.

  • Oversees the load-in, construction, and strike of all productions alongside the Production Manager.

  • Develops detailed plans for all technical work days.

  • Clearly delegates tasks to all workers present in order to efficiently use people’s time and have the set constructed and struck in a timely fashion.

  • Oversees the secure storage of all UP property.

  • Takes inventory of UP assets and coordinates with production teams to maximize usage of resources.

  • Demonstrates strong presence at production meetings, load-in, construction, and strike.

  • Provides creative and technical guidance to all designers.

  • Provides oversight to the design teams in creation of budgets

  • Must have strong technical knowledge

  • Ability to be at all tech rehearsals strongly recommended


Social and Membership Director

  • Oversees the membership database and coordinates with the Communications Director to maintain positive contact with UP members.

  • Creates and sends monthly UP mass emails.

  • Distributes concessions stand sign up to members

  • Organizes UP member meetings.

  • Collaboratively designs and orders UP tank tops with Director of Media Design in conjunction with new member registration.

  • Oversees distribution of UP tanks.

  • Facilitates social events for members, production teams, and the Board of Directors.

  • Organizes regular social events for members, such as scavenger hunts, movie nights, galas, pancake breakfasts, cabarets, dine and donates, and other recreational events.

  • Serves as point person for member questions, suggestions, and concerns.

  • Functions as a social liaison to the student body in order to increase cultural diversity among UP productions and membership.


House Manager

  • Directs or delegates house management for all UP productions.

  • Responsible for printing and preparing programs for each UP production

  • Collaborates with Stage Management to prepare any warning signs for Front of House, dependent on the production (i.e., strobe warning, strong language, etc.)

  • Manages concessions for UP and department shows.  Accountable for budgeting concessions and ensuring that the funds raised are securely deposited with our Student Organization Account.

  • Conducts the acquisition of concessions for sale and is accountable for the organization’s Sam’s Club account.  It is advisable that the House Manager can provide his/her own transportation.


Director of Media Design

  • Produces print design for UP season, including but not limited to: posters, programs, audition notices, social media content, Facebook cover photos, Snapchat filters, etc.

  • Takes rehearsal and production photos at a photo call for each UP production to be shared to Facebook and provided to designers for portfolio content

  • Creates promotional videos in collaboration with directors for each production of the season, to be shared to Facebook 

  • Collaborates with Director of Marketing and Communications to have media content prepared to be shared on social media and posters printed

  • Collaborates with Social and Membership Director to design the season’s tanks 

  • Meets with director for each show to discuss vision to be conveyed in print media

  • Must have knowledge of Graphic Design and digital editing

  • Access to cameras/filming equipment/editing software required 

Music Director

  • Finds a music director for UP musicals and song cycles or serves as music director if another music director cannot be secured

  • Secures rehearsal pianist when needed

  • Assembles a band for musicals and song cycles as necessary

  • Advises directors when music input is needed


Director of Choreography and Movement

  • Recruit choreographers for UP productions, if requested by the director, and put the choreographer and director into contact. Expected to step in if a choreographer cannot be secured

  • Actively try to engage and bring more dancers into UP and bridge the department gap between theatre and dance

  • Serve as director of the Annual Dance Collaboration

  • Manage the application process for choreographers

  • Plan and hold an audition for dancers

  • Lead choreographer and production meetings

  • Create and enforce deadlines for choreographers

  • Work out all logistics and run tech week and the show

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